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About Us

AZAL provides a full suite of Project Management services to clients ranging from major multinationals building their offices or individuals designing their dream homes. AZAL’s team consists of qualified Project Managers, that work together with their teams to provide our clients with exceptional services to help deliver their projects at the required time, cost and quality.

To date we manage projects of architects including ASA Arshad Shahid Abdulla, NBCL Najmi Bilgrami Collaborative including some of their high profile clients such as Trakker, TRG The Resource Group, HUBCO, EBM, The Abraaj Group and JS Bank to name a few.

Our core value is “client first”. At AZAL we treat each project with the care and attention only an owner would have, making sure all the critical tasks are identified right in the beginning and solutions executed seamlessly. As the core intermediary between various important stakeholders, we understand that each relationship has its importance and must be managed properly to ensure the best results. There are moments of pressure, but those are the times when our patience, restraint and professionalism comes in handy.

The success of our projects relies on our ability to provide our services professionally and solve whatever problems arise along the way. The end objective is to ensure that the project owner sees his or her vision into reality.

Each core team that we appoint to each project ensures they:

  • Manage and facilitate personalities
  • Implement Effective strategies
  • Standardize processes
  • Centralize key activities
  • Implement various tools for effective management
  • Achieve client satisfaction
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Reduce chances of project failure
  • Use Industry information to project benefit
  • Save costs to the client  

We believe that the above values and skills will significantly improve the efficiency of your project and help us in achieving our targets of completion.

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